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Covid-19 Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

Thanks for submitting!

List of things to keep in mind when practicing in studio

What you need to know:

Existing class cards and memberships will be honoured.  If you have the means to donate your existing class card or membership and purchase a new one, we would really appreciate the support.

Registration online is required for all classes.  
Space is limited to 12 students in the yellow zone, and 25 students in the green zone  
Students who wish to practice remotely will be able to join the in studio sessions through zoom.  

  • All hygiene measures are applicable, including wearing a mask while not on your mat.

  • The lobby will be limited to 4 people at a time

  • The change rooms will be open to one person at a time,

  • Come already changed in your clothes for practice when possible

  • Bring only the essentials: mat, water, towel, strap (if you have one)

  • For Restorative classes we ask you bring a towel and a pillowcase

  • Other props will be available in studio, and will be sanitized and/or quarantined after each use.

  • A mask must be worn in the building and studio until you get on your mat.

  • Please keep 2 meter distance between yourself and others when possible.

  • Wash hands regularly

Your health declaration must be filled out before any in studio registration. Please don’t come to class if you are feeling unwell, have recently travelled outside of Canada or have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


Due to limited space we will be adopting a cancellation policy. Classes must be cancelled 12 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in the loss of that class and those with memberships will be charged $8

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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