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Terri has been exploring breath, mind and movement for close to three decades. Practice started in her adolescence, teaching and educating started in the early 2000s. Terri is a generalist and continues to explore many different styles of yoga, movement, and mindfulness. She approaches both practice and teaching with curiosity and a questioning mind – always interested in how the practice unfolds for each individual.

Terri is a lifelong student; she thrives on learning and study. Her formal university education ranges from music and gender studies to two degrees in Asian (Indian) religion and South Asian Studies. However, much more of her learning has been done less formally through teachers in India (yoga, meditation, Sanskrit, philosophy) and North America (yoga, meditation, other movement and breath modalities).

The juxtaposition of humor and discipline is reflected in Terri’s teaching style; clear boundaries to create freedom without taking oneself or one’s practice too seriously. She aims to give a framework to her students where they can explore and live their own experience, she is wary of dogma and encourages herself and her students to question everything. In her teaching she draws on many influences but ultimately hopes to inspire a practice unique to the individual. She truly believes the practice itself – of all the limbs, is the best teacher and her job is to inspire and nurture people to cultivate their own path.

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