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Sam Silversides has been a student of yoga since 2010. After 5 years of practice he met his master in Richard Freeman, and has since then completed multiple advanced trainings with him and his wife Mary Taylor in Boulder, Vienna, and Berlin. 

Sam continues to assist his friend and mentor Ty Landrum at his various international intensives and trainings. Over a decade later Sam has taught Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes and workshops around the world to diverse groups of students including in India, the birthplace of the practice. Sam is honoured to carry the yoga tradition forward into our modern world and greatly enjoys the teacher-student exchange, whichever side of it he happens to be on. In his life, yoga practice keeps him humble and grounded. 

He believes any keen and earnest seeker can reach the zenith that yoga has to offer and is honored to help any student on their journey.

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